Thursday 03 May 2018

11:00 — 12:30

Pieter De Somer (Venue) — Auditorium

The future of health is no longer about curing diseases - it’s about not becoming sick. Connectivity & data sharing is radically upending the classical doctor & patient relationship. Smart technology and wearables will be there to monitor the patients health, thus engaging the latter to be more involved with his/her own health. We are looking at the end of Type 1 Diabetes as we know it! Health is about to become fashionable, and fashion will help us to be healthy. Let’s take a look at the revolutionary & extremely interesting intersection between technology, fashion, health & AI & how multidisciplinary innovations are shaping the future of our health.

Prof. Koen Kas & Jasna Rok BE

a healthcare professor & a visionair on future fashion and technology

Before you die ?!

Before you die takes you from death to birth and back, and will change your perception of life and death completely. Dying is not a glitch. Contrary, dying makes you strive. We’ll help you find out what for. We use this as a perfect introduction to welcome you into a world where dealing with disease and managing emotions and stress, will no more be the same. Where your health creates wealth and happiness Because that is what will become fashionable. We showcase live how fashion will start to suit you better. Provide you truly augmented experiences. To become your guardian angel, your omnipresent vitality coach, with the ambition to keep you healthy and happy. Remember big marshmallow inflatable robodoc Baymax from BigHero 6? What if he would fit around your body? User interfaces of the future, the end of smartphone hegemony, untamed design thinking to catapult you a world where one gets ill no more. And you will ask yourself, indeed, why not?

Prof. Chantal Mathieu BE

Professor, endocrinologist & President of the Flemish Diabetes Society

The end of Type 1 diabetes as we know it

Diabetes is a global health problem, with more than 500 million people affected worldwide. Diabetes is one of the leading non-communicable diseases in the world, with mortality and morbidity (e.g. blindness and cardiovascular disease) numbers worrying patients and their families, but also healthcare systems and payers. Research has brought many innovations, with novel glucose lowering agents and novel ways to measure blood glucose. A small percentage (~5%) of all people with diabetes suffer from type 1 diabetes. This disease finds its onset typically at young age and demands exogenous insulin therapy for survival. Considering the dramatic impact of this disease on quality of life, much of the innovation in diabetes research is originating in type 1 diabetes. Research has evolved extremely rapidly, from the discovery of insulin in the twenties of the past century, to novel insulins, artificial intelligence in decision support, insulin pumps and transplantation, with even the hope of prevention of cure on the horizon. Therefore, the end of type 1 diabetes as was classically know is here and the innovations in this disease are driving solutions in the whole of diabetes.

Thomas Vanderveken BE

program contributor at VRT