Based in Amsterdam but very much with one foot in the cosmos, Orpheu The Wizard has been surprising and delighting people with his unconventional sets for years and years. The Dutchman has done so with little fanfare before now, because his skills have simply spread through the mouths of those astounded by what they have heard when they see him play. It’s hard describe what goes down in one of his sets, the distinguished selector is not afraid of taking left turns, serving up curveballs and doing the unexpected.

Taking real pride and joy in unearthing and sharing his usually musical treats, Orpheu The Wizard is musically curious and invites his audiences to be so too. As versatile as he is eclectic, you are as likely to be floating in outer space one moment as you are rooted to a beat the next.

The magic that there is always another record to discover is what keeps me looking for them.

Saturday 05 May 2018

00:00 — 01:30

International House (Venue)

Diggers Directory: Orpheu The Wizard

As a co-founder of Red Light Radio, Orpheu The Wizard has been of the most valuable patrons of underground music in Amsterdam but occupied this position more in the shadows.

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Orpheu The Wizard - Boiler Room at Dekmantel 2016


Red Light Radio's lovely Orpheu gave us a typical taste of his deep knowledge via some percussive loveliness. Friday warmsin.