There is no one like Legowelt. His vast musical output spans many different worlds – some real, some imagined - and does so in a unique and captivating fashion that keeps listeners enthralled. Since first emerging in the early nineties as a key part of the Dutch West Coast scene and Intergalactic FM family, he has become a core member of that crew who takes inspiration from Detroit and Chicago pioneers but also fantasy films and sci-fi culture, and is nowadays a modern day techno pin-up in his own rite.

A big nemesis of an electronic musician is that he gets bored with the stuff he does. Only a few can pull it off to remain the same in what they do.

Perenially fascinated by old and battered noise-making machines, his dizzying output is defined by analogue textures and classic values as well as an ever-roaming sense of sonic investigation that veers from techno to freaky house deepness via old school acid. A producer with a rare sense of humor, Legowelt’s productions come thick and fast but always retain high levels of quality assurance.

Saturday 05 May 2018

02:30 — 03:30

Het Depot (Venue)

Legowelt - RA Session 2017

The Dutch artist performs a freaky extended live session.

FACT Magazine: How To Make A Legowelt-track

Legowelt has been putting other house and techno producers to shame since the the 1990s.