Jerrilynn Patton will touch down at Sónar after astonishing the world with “Dark Energy” and raising the level again with her long awaited second album “Black Origami”, on Planet Mu. The American producer uses footwork to build amazing rhythmic structures, but the truth is that her sound is already so personal and unconventional that it is hard to attribute it to one particular genre. Performing live, Jlin is even more passionate than when in the studio, constructing exciting meshes of percussions, timbres and melodies.

Taking simplicity and making it complex: I got that ideology from Coco Chanel

Thursday 03 May 2018

23:00 — 00:00

International House (Venue)

Jlin’s Black Origami is the soundtrack for an age of ever-increasing uncertainty - Mixmag

The experimental producer making honest music for anxious times...

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Jlin - Carbon 7 (161)