The incredibly talented Forest Swords’ relationship with technology is ambivalent, if not downright hostile. Even though most of his tracks are wordless, the human voice is key across his music. Themes of state power, technological isolation & gender isolation are translated into his unique sound territory. Experience this profilic producer and his critically acclaimed album Compassion for Ninja Tune.

I’m curious about doing stuff that isn’t just doing an album after another album.

Friday 04 May 2018

23:30 — 00:30

Het Depot (Venue)

Forest Swords on fake news and how Compassion balances the present and past

There’s an anachronistic quality to Matthew Barnes’ music. From his artist name, Forest Swords, to the dusty, disemboweled sounds themselves, history hangs heavy on his records.

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Forest Swords on his in-the-box approach to organic electronica, and why there's more to life than music

Wirral-based producer Matthew Barnes on his naturalistic soundscapes and otherworldly textures.

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Liam Young & Matthew Barnes (Forest Swords) - Full Interview

After their audio-visual performance of 'In The Robot Skies' at STRP Biennale 2017,  Liam Young and Matthew Barnes (Forest Swords) sat down to talk about their collaboration, the state of socio-technological trust, and our near future in regard to exploitation of natural resources.