Monthly resident at NTS Radio, part time grafter at Brilliant Corners, London, and full time music lover. Her sets spread far and wide, always depending on how she feels in the moment and for getting lost in the present. Music for open ears, open minds, open hearts and zero expectations.

Anything that removes me from thoughts, makes me fly and brings an amplified feeling of oneness and love for everyone and everything is the best I can do with words.

Friday 04 May 2018

21:30 — 23:00

International House (Venue)

NSS Magazine: Interview with Donna Leake

"I will usually still “feel” my way through what to play to take myself and hopefully others on a journey"

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Donna Leake - Boiler Room 2017

Brilliant Corners' Donna Leake sways her way through jazz, afro beat and other danceable rarities. A lesson in how to set the mood.