After years of exploring the depths of musical genres and the boundaries of blending, mixing and refining rhythm patterns and harmonies from around the globe, two Berliners expressed their hard earned musical freedom in a dogma: the use of a Roland TR-808 analog drum machine in every single track.

The Berlin-based duo Africaine 808 have been challenging the norm with their distinctive flavour of West African bass, rhythms and samples mixed into moreish disco and house tracks. It can quite simply be summarised by their "Africaine 808" name.

Friday 04 May 2018

23:00 — 00:00

International House (Venue)

Nomad of Africaine 808 - Boiler Room 2016

Africaine 808 - Rhythm is All You Can Dance

Taken from ‘Rhythm is All You Can Dance EP’ released October 2015 via Golf Channel Recordings.