Embedded intelligence

Sophie Vandebroek is a electrical engineer & business executive. Born in Leuven, she earned a master's degree in electromechanical engineering at KU Leuven University, & moved to the US in 1986, where she graduated with a PhD in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

Sophie was Chief Technology Officer of Xerox, & President of Xerox Innovation Group until December 2016. In January 2017, she became Chief Operating Officer of IBM Research's 12 labs all over the world. Studying AI, quantum computers & blockchain, it is one of the world’s largest labs.

It’s a fascinating future & it’s going to accelerate faster & faster

When working for Xerox, Sophie won the Lifetime Diversity Leadership Recognition for her leadership & continuing advocacy on behalf of diversity. Allowing all employees to bring their whole self to work, both their intellect as well as their passion, she showed an inclusive environment is essential to having a culture where innovation thrives.

Sophie believes Artificial Intelligence will improve our lives radically. We are heading for a fascinating future in which smart agents will be assisting people in doing their work better, helping physicians provide better care, making sure teachers are able to provide more personalized education & cities provide a better urban experience.

Sophie predicts a world where intelligence is embedded all around us: our environment — our homes, cars, offices, etc. — will not only know what you need, but also what you want. Discover how the growing possibilities of AI & the Internet of Things, personalized health care & education, more safety, financial prosperity & eco-friendly cities are just around the corner.

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