Professor in Robotics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel  & member of the Brussels Human Robotic research center, Bram Vanderborght focusses on developing a new generation of robots that will physically & socially support humans in the form of prosthetics, exoskeletons, co-workers & social robots, with direct applications in the healthcare sector & the manufacturing industry.

Bram is EiC of Robotics & Automation Magazine & member of the Young Academy of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts. His research interests includes cognitive & physical human robot interaction, robot assisted therapy, humanoids & rehabilitation robotics.

We hope that humans will develop a new kind of trust in robots, knowing that their functional performance is not depending on the human detection and repair of damages.

He investigates applications in human-robot interaction like prostheses, exoskeletons, coworkers, legged robots & social robots. Helping people rehabilitate after a stroke or spinal marrow injury, building prosthesis for improved mobility & developing assistive & social robots for children with ASD, Bram focusses on the cooperation between humans & robots.

Because he believes technology should be human-centered, Bram works in multidisciplinary teams consisting of psychologists, sociologists, physiotherapists & philosophers. His broad perspective allows him to have a clear & fascinating view on technology’s role in today’s society & air a clear opinion on the ethical use of robots.

Robots can now heal themselves - Wired

Roboticists have designed soft robots that can heal themselves. Cutting your hand or tearing a muscle are both injuries that heal over time for living organisms. But what if robots could heal too? New research published in the Science Robotics Journal suggests this may be the case in our near future.

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Robotica-professor Bram Vanderborght: "Ik krijg niet alleen mensenlijke berichten" - De Morgen

Is een smartphone een spiegel? Strookt het onlineleven nog met de werkelijkheid? Matthias M.R. Declercq gaat wekelijks face to face, over swipen, liken en liegen. Vandaag: Bram Vanderborght (37), professor in de robotica (VUB).

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