There's a soothing quality running through the work of Belgian artist Alexander Cornelis. Built from delicate, subtle drum programming, smooth-as-silk chords & inspired sampling, his music feels timeless & free, touching on hip-hop, soul, funk & rare groove with a Moodprint signature sitting at its core. As a DJ, the respected digger & curator stitches patchworks of free-flowing sounds, swinging grooves & worldly gems with a feel-good nature.

Interview: Moodprint

FUZZ Magazine zat samen met Moodprint om over zijn EP, zijn fascinatie voor andere kunstdisciplines en zijn relatie met Tangram te praten.

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Moodprint - Boiler Room 2014

Moodprint - two of the big players in the Belgian-based Tangram Records camp - took our Brussels crew on a blissed-out trip into their dreamy beat archive.