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Lutz Leichsenring is one of the world’s authorities on protecting creative industries. Since 2009, he has been the spokesman & executive board member for the Berlin Clubcommission. He has fought tirelessly for the rights of Berlin’s vast underground club scene by organizing demonstrations, conferences, workshops & by speaking at round tables & parliamentary committees.

Lutz started his career in nightlife when he turned 19, immediately after high school. He built one of the largest platforms for music event listings in Germany & went on to run a nightclub and restaurant until 2010. Today he is one of the chief shareholders of a Berlin & London-based recrutainment company.

We always had an eye for underdogs—such as Berlin’s free open-air scene, which doesn't make any money and just wants to build a reputation or use public space for their art

Lutz focusses on the informal aspects of city life & helps grow grassroots culture as much as possible. Working to strengthen communities from the music scene, to co-working & art spaces, he is on the lookout for collaborative, sustainable & vibrant initiatives. Supporting young club- & festival managers, he identifies local tools to help protect the music & art scene while continuously looking for ways to make all participants benefit.

His role with the Clubcommission & the Berlin Musicboard has even led Lutz into the city’s Chamber of Commerce, where he frequently votes on development issues that protect creative space affected by gentrification.

Care to start your own scene? With his recently launched project Creative Footprint, Lutz measures, compares, & advocates for creative spaces in urban areas worldwide. He brings all the answers, strategies & collaboration tools for upcoming promoters & grassroots venues.

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