Lucy is a science fiction artist, Body Architect, TED Fellow & inventor of the Swallowable Parfum. Recognised as an early identifier of emerging technologies that drive product innovation, she led Philips Electronics far future research lab, developing stretchable electronics, an electronic tattoo & a range of emotional sensing dresses.

McRae encourages scientific conversation regarding the future of health, beauty & science & has spoken at events including WIRED Health on ‘How art and chaos can help innovate business’, CNN’s Human Augmentation conference, the Royal Albert Hall, London’s College of Physicians, Tribeca Film Festival & will speak at MIT’s Being Material conference on wearables in April 2017. Her award-winning science fiction artwork (which has been exhibited at London Science Museum, the Royal Academy of Arts, Centre Pompidou & Venice Biennale) has been developed in collaboration with leading Institutes including NASA, MIT & Ars Electronica & has been listed by Fast Company as one of 50 designers shaping the future.
Trained in classical ballet & interior design her interdisciplinary work centres around the body. She combines storytelling with science to create speculative artworks including a ‘Microgravity trainer’ that prepares the body for a life in space. Her documentary film The Institute of Isolation (nominated for a WIRED Innovation award) contemplates whether isolation; or more broadly speaking, extreme experience, could be used as a gateway to training human resilience. Her Future Day Spa replicates the feeling of being hugged, offering treatments that evoke states of trust, love & relaxation. Her work is steered by science, with the premise to create experiences that take people beyond the expectations of themselves.

Lucy has been a trusted consultant to Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Intel, Mini Cooper, Swarovski, Aesop & facilitates workshops that explore the cultural impacts emerging technologies will have on future lifestyles, how they will profit brands & drive new business. Similarly, she’s led masterclasses & spoken at design, technology & architecture schools including Royal College of Art, Central St Martins, SCI_Arc, Hyper Island, Bartlett, RMIT, AA and MIT Media Lab.

Her approach is to influence culture via exploring scientific breakthroughs relating to health and the human body while providing a feminine point of view on emerging technology.

How can we use technology to transform the human body? - Technowize

Recently, our dependence on technology is increasingly growing that many are projecting human body transformation using technology. With the availability of exoskeleton, 3D printed body parts, smarter drugs, and enhancement of sexual organs; this prediction is only waiting for a very short time.

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Lucy McRae: Are humans ready for life 2000 years from now? - TED talk

Lucy McRae questions how humans will adapt to life in the far-distant future. We may have departed Earth and live thousands of light years away? How will our bodies and minds cope? Can we compare for these unknowns?

The Institute Of Isolation Trailer

The Institute of Isolation is a short film exploring the body beyond Earth's edge, following Lucy McRae as she tests the effects that extreme experience could have on evolving human capacity.