Kosta Peric is Deputy Director for the "Financial Services for the Poor" initiative at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, leading the Level One Project initiative to foster deployment of payment platforms to serve the poor. He is the author of The Castle And The Sandbox, a book on how to innovate in conservative companies.

Previously, Kosta was the co-founder of Innotribe, the initiative for collaborative innovation in the financial industry, & chief architect of SWIFTNet, SWIFT's worldwide secure network connecting banks & corporations, servicing the world economy.

Growth is being slowed by a lack of interoperability — the ability for customers to transact with any other customer, whether they use the same service or not.

Kosta is a technologist whose interests lie at the point of fusion between technology, finance & innovation. From governance through business models to technology - from ideas through architecture to development: Kosta oversees strategies & grants to deliver digital payment solutions for the poor. 

Specialized in payment systems architecture, innovation management, financial inclusion, digital finance, mobile money, digital identity & fin-tech, Kosta explores the potential social impact of blockchain initiatives & offers a unique insight on innovation, technology & finances.

Gates Foundation Launches Open Platform To Connect Mobile Finance In Developing World - Forbes

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation today announced an open source platform, Mojaloop, to allow companies to build a secure digital payments platform at scale. Across the developing world banks, developers and mobile carriers are developing systems to support payments. M-Pesa in Kenya is probably the earliest and the best known.

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How blockchain can bring financial services to the poor - MIT Technology Review

A project from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation aims to use distributed ledger technology to help the two billion people worldwide who lack bank accounts.

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