Kenric McDowell works at the intersection of culture and technology, for companies like R/GA, Nike, Focus Features, and HTC Innovation. Currently head of the Artists and Machine Intelligence program at Google, he brings together Google AI researchers, artist and cultural institutions.

Artists + Machine Intelligence is a long-term collaboration that brings together artists and thinkers, researchers and engineers to facilitate a rigorous conversation around Machine Intelligence. Providing financial and technical support to artists and hosting interdisciplinary conferences, Kenric’s program opens Google's research to new ways of thinking and working and supports an emerging form of artmaking: collaboration between artists, engineers, and intelligent systems. 

What do art and technology have to do with each other? What is machine intelligence, and what does “machine intelligence art” look, sound and feel like? What are the emerging relationships between humans and machines? What does it mean to be human? And what can we learn about intelligence, human or otherwise, through art? Kenric opens a fascinating window on the future.

Big Phone's Machine Intelligence

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Creativity Beyond Human Creativity - Kenric McDowell

The Google Artists + Machine Intelligence program brings artists and engineers together to build projects using Machine Intelligence.