Jonathan Berte is the founder of Robovision, a company specialized in the combination of vision and robotics. He graduated as an Applied Physics engineer with a specialization in Neuroscience, and became an expert in visual processing with artificial solid state neurons.

Based on this expertise, Jonathan slowly built a strong reputation as image processing partner in both the visual, X-ray and Infra-red spectrum for applications in the automotive, diamond, textile, FMCG and building industry. When the projects became bigger and more complex, Robovision grew as well. Implementing Artificial Intelligence and self-learning algorithms in his software enabled his team to create an impressive toolbox.

I always had the feeling to be a little ahead of the reality.

Jonathan and his team of computer vision experts focus on collecting input from a wide range of cameras, processing that input on the most advanced ways, and delivering break-through results in a wide area of businesses. In 2003, for example, Child Focus and the European Commission asked Robovision to develop an international cooperation tool for organizations working in the field of missing and sexually exploited children. Robovision developed which is also used in the search for the missing toddler Maddie McCann.

"Ik heb altijd al het gevoel gehad wat vooruit te lopen op de werkelijkheid" - De Morgen

Elon Musk is er als de dood voor, Mark Zuckerberg ziet alleen maar voordelen. Eén ding is zeker: artificiële intelligentie is hier om te blijven. Jonathan Berte (38) zag dat jaren geleden al in en wil daar nu de vruchten van plukken.

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