Elinor is co-founder of the The Kokon, a female-founded startup based in New York & Malmö that works with innovative companies to define the workplace of the future. She started the company with the aim to create a kind, collective world.

The Kokon - Elinor’s first product - is a multisensory pod for the workplace designed to reverse the effects of stress & replenish your brain. Unlike a nap pod, the Kokon helps break the cycle of chronic stress by activating the senses & can be used when feeling stressed, before an important meeting or as a pause to quiet the mind.

What Elinor creates for her customers is important, but how she creates it is of equal value to her.

She sees her company as an important driver & building block of the change she strives to create. Her main focus areas include: circularity, sustainability, additive manufacturing, local assembly, traditional crafting techniques combined with sensing technology, sustainable living wages & a workforce as a means for social inclusion. 

Is your future city stress-proof? Find out how Elinor’s design approach fuses the newest technology with science & discover how the understanding of human emotion & well-being is core to innovation.