Dr. Charlotte D’Hulst was trained in bio-engineering at the KU Leuven & completed her doctoral studies in Biomedical Sciences at the Center of Medical Genetics of the University of Antwerp, work for which she received the Brain Research Young Investigators Award & the Fragile X Rising Star Award. In 2009, she moved to New York City to study the enigmatic Sense of Smell with Prof. Paul Feinstein, a world-expert in the molecular biology of Olfaction.

We want to create an explosive-detecting rat or mouse - and we could also do this for narcotics such as cocaine, for example

Charlotte’s research laid the ground-work for the MouSensor Technology, a genetic approach that develops mouse models that have an increased ability to detect specific smells. She is co-inventor of 3 patents & recently co-founded the biotech start-up MouSensor, Inc., headquartered in New York City. As CEO of this early-stage start-up, Charlotte participated in several entrepreneurial programs to accelerate the application of the MouSensor technology into a successful business & is a proud supporter of the emerging biotech start-up scene in NY.

Charlotte actually engineers customizable, super sniffer mice to build a live, human nose-on-a-chip. She has the bold vision to detect, discover & digitize every single smell on this planet; from the fragrances in a perfumer’s palette to the odors associated with specific diseases, such as Parkinson’s. With MouSensor, Inc. she aims to establish the first-ever digital database of scents & to demystify the last mystery of the senses: Olfaction. Time to get your odors straight, “because a nose that can see is worth two that sniff!”