Canay Atalay is a global ‘business and cultural innovation designer’ & a keynote speaker working with leaders of organizations to transform their teams, business models, communication strategies, experiences, products & services to become future proof conscious businesses & leaders.
She is the co-founder of Human Works Design & a global ambassador of Socratic Design. Her previous work includes being the country lead of Fjord, Design and Innovation by Accenture Interactive & ‘Entrepreneurship and Business Model Design.’ lecturer in Bilgi University MBA Program.

She has worked with over 60 brands from 18 industries, in 8 countries, & has been named as one of the "Nine inspiring women who create change in learning” & “Top thirty women who inspire digital” in Turkey.

Learning is not only a tool but also a permanent value in our personal, business and societal lives

Being an innovation strategist, Canay works with business, government & society leaders to unlock meaningful innovation by designing cultural transformation & learning programs towards desired future narratives, conscious business models based on exponential technologies & new economies & human experiences for products, services & processes.

Human Works Design is on a mission & creates learning & design programs for leaders to elevate humanity by designing a conscious business, a business with a purpose with profit, a business caring for humanity & our planet, contributing to create a better life for the diverse communities in our society, a business listening to the values of leaders, employees, clients & children instead of focusing only on old industrial paradigms.

Canay’s passion project is ‘Children First World Design’, providing a visionary & practical guideline about how to redesign businesses, cities & systems for the wellbeing of humans of today & tomorrow. Using a unique blend of futurism, conscious business model design, design thinking, philosophy, communication & learning methodologies, she inspires on many different levels.

9 Principles to Design the Future of Learning

Technological tsunami will revolutionise our next 20 years at an exponential rate. The concept of a “100 year life” becoming the norm, and the majority of that spent studying and working, mean that learning will be a lot more important in an accelerating way. Most people will have at least 6 different careers, requiring fundamental reeducating, whilst the relentless speed of innovation will constantly demand new skills and knowledge to keep pace. A report by the World Economic Forum reveals that almost 65 per cent of the jobs elementary school students will be doing in the future do not even exist yet.

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Canay Atalay at Business Analysis Conference - Istanbul