Tech world insider talks

There are few people who have seen it all in Silicon Valley, but Antonio Garcia Martinez surely is one of them. His CV reads like the who is who of the global tech scene: after trading derivatives and swaps at Goldman Sachs, Antonio moved to Silicon Valley to found the ad-tech company AdGrok. After selling it to Twitter, he joined Facebook as a product manager, leading the ad department. And that’s when his troubles began. 

Last year, Antonio joined the ranks of New York Times Bestselling Authors, as the writer of Chaos Monkey – Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley.

With his book Chaos Monkeys, Antonio proved to be a real industry provocateur. The story provides an in-depth look behind the scenes of the technology companies that rule the world. It lays bare the secrets, power plays and lifestyle excesses of the visionaries, grunts, sociopaths, opportunists and money cowboys who are revolutionizing our lives. 

Marketing is like sex – only losers pay for it

Antonio’s vision of the future is a little dark, but he’s found the perfect solution to a surveillance society. He’s pulled up stakes and now lives on a boat on Orcas Island so no one can spy on him.

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