Andrew Keen is executive director of the Silicon Valley innovation salonFutureCast & a much acclaimed public speaker around the world. In 2015, he was named by GQ magazine in their list of the "100 Most Connected Men”. His next book, How To Fix The Future, was published worldwide in January 2018.

Andrew is one of the world’s best known & controversial commentators on the digital revolution. He is the author of Cult of the AmateurDigital Vertigo & his current international hit The Internet Is Not The Answer  is a "powerful, frightening read & an enormously useful primer for those of us concerned that online life isn't as shiny as our digital avatars would like us to believe. 

The key relationships in the future will not be between people, but between machines and people

His latest book How To Fix The Future provides hope that the economic inequality, unemployment, cultural decay, war on privacy, & individual alienation that the digital upheaval is causing may still be solvable, & that the future may yet become something that we can look forward to.

Andrew is not only one of the most influential thinkers about the social & economic impact of digital technology, but he’s also a no nonsense, crap cutting provocateur. If you are interested in how we can fix the future & if you are looking for whip smart, no-shit insights into what technology might actually mean, he is your man.

Stop working, universal basic income is ready to go mainstream - Wired

Automation will lead big tech firms to endorse government-supplied wages.

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"How to fix the future" - Keynote Andrew Keen at Digital Festival 2017

Exciting keynote on the first day of the Digital Festival 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland